Multinational seeds manufacturer

In-depth transaction analytics to identify price leakages

Project Scope & Objective

  • Identify price “leakages” based across different regions/customers/products
  • Data base complexity and cleansing
  • Various information sources withing the organization (discounts and rebates were managed via excel in separate data base from costing data)
  • Team was unclear how big-data/ analytics techniques should be used

Project Summary

    • Collected data from various data sources. Created transactional data of all commercial elements. Conduct in-depth transaction analytics
    • Defined opportunities to improve pricing. Quantified opportunities
    • Created a Power BI tool which will repeat analytics in future + handbook. Train analyst of the customer


  • Identify opportunities to improve pricing > 3m€
  • Define type of analytics to support management and commercial team in future
  • Knowledge transfer to the client and the analysts team
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